Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach beginners/advanced students?

Yes. I teach absolute beginners all the way up to very advanced students. Indeed, my students vary greatly in terms of technical proficiency and I help all of them improve their guitar playing skills.

Whereabouts do you teach?

I teach from home on Merridale Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0RE. It makes for a fun and relaxing teaching environment, and the room you would be taking the class in is dedicated exclusively for music lessons, giving you peace of mind knowing the lessons will be uninterrupted. To bring up my location on Google Maps simply click on the map below & my full teaching location will be provided upon booking.

Guitar Lessons Wolverhampton Map

Do you teach musical theory?

Yes, I can teach music theory in the form of scales, modes, time signatures, chord anatomy, chord chart reading, and compositional notation to name but a few.

Do you teach Rock School, Trinity, or RGT grades?

Yes, indeed. If the student brings along the grade books then I can go teach them everything they will need to know to pass the grades. I am currently teaching a number of students Rock School, Trinity and RGT at varying grades.

Is it possible to arrange group lessons?

Yes, I do teach group sessions. Group lessons can be a great way for people to learn whilst also being a fun social experience.

Do you teach children/OAPs?

I teach a wide variety of different age groups - from 6-year-olds to people in their retirement who perhaps have always wanted to learn an instrument but had never gotten around to it. Music helps increase one's overall sense of well-being so get in touch.

Can you recommend a music shop so I could buy a guitar?

Absolutely, there is a great range of music shops across Wolverhampton. You can read more about them in our special article on Guitar Shops in Wolverhampton.

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