Music Venues in Wolverhampton

Music Venues in Wolverhampton

Whether you're looking to gig, or just looking for a gig, Wolverhampton has a more vibrant music scene than you might expect. With some of the country's top venues, internationally-famous artists play the stages, and the stages can make you famous. Check out some of these.

The Robin

One of Wolverhampton's top venues, The Robin holds 700 rockers. Musicians and gig-goers alike hold The Robin up as one of the best all-standing rock venues in the country, citing two main reasons for this: the immense energy created by the all-standing crowd, and how well-run it is. Steve Harley said that Mike Hamblett, the owner, is a man who "loves music as much as he respects the players, and that is a considerable amount." When someone as passionate about live music as that runs the show, you know it's going to be well-run. His dedicated team of staff help to this end, ensuring that every show runs as smoothly as possible, and gives the best experience possible to both the musicians and the audience. Hosting local artists like Michael Katon and Eve Selis, as well as a slew of great tribute, acts like Lez Zeppelin and Fat Fighters, The Robin is an awesome venue to visit in Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton Civic Hall

The Wolverhampton Civic Hall, located on 20 - 28 Mount Pleasant, WV14 7LJ, has hosted some real musical greats in its 80 year history, like Joe Satriani, Black Veil Brides, To Kill a King and Ellie Goulding, alongside top comedians such as Jason Manford, Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican and Bill Bailey. With such va ariety of great acts, it's hard to fault the venue for the quality of its shows. Add this to a dedicated team of staff keeping everything slick and efficient, and you have a fantastic venue. Though some say it lacks the intimate atmosphere a smaller, more independent venue brings, The Civic feels like a place for music-lovers, providing a great space for the audience. For the musicians, playing at The Civic is a great achievement that allows you to deliver your performance from a spot on which many amazing acts in the past have played (or, if you're really good, alongside them). If you're in Wolverhampton for music, you'll no doubt come across The Civic.

Molineux Stadium

Molineux Stadium is perhaps best known as the home stadium for the Wolverhampton Wanderers, though its size lends itself to world-class acts on tour. Located on Waterloo Road, WV1 4QR, Molineux Stadium boasts a capacity of over 30,000, so if you're going there for the music, you're going there for something big. Because they're used to dealing with hectic football matches, the place runs like clockwork - efficiently and securely - headed by a capable team making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is safe. There are plenty of catering options available too.

Slade Rooms

Slade Rooms found on Broad Street, WV1 1HP, is also run by Civic, and is the Civic Hall's little brother. With an all-standing capacity of 550, gigs here get intimate, exciting and a little bit crazy. Slade Rooms tends to host Wolverhampton's home-grown talent, and the atmosphere makes for a great show whoever you go and see. Run by a small team of passionate staff, the venue is great for music lovers who are into the local scene. They have a great knowledge of local bands and venues and want to enjoy the night just as much as you do, and so do everything in their power to make each gig as amazing an experience as possible.

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