Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here a Guitar Lessons Wolverhampton we are never more proud than when we hear that one of our guitar students has entered the recording studio for the first time. It takes real dedication to get your guitar pieces nailed enough to get into the studio to record them & it is something we encourage all our guitar students to aim for. We know it can be a little hard for up and coming local bands to decide which local recording studio would be best for recording a few demos or a first EP so to help you along the way we have compiled a short list of what we consider to be Wolverhampton's top recording studios. In no order...

Corner Studios

Corner Studios is unique in that it was built from the ground up just three years ago in 2010. This means that everything in the studio is state-of-the-art and run by experienced engineers, all at an affordable price. The control room is large and comfortable, allowing for larger groups to sit in and see the production come to fruition. Corner Studios have a diverse range of experience, from vocalists to singer-songwriters, to full bands, to choirs, to voiceovers for Sky Sports and the BBC One Show. This allows them to be flexible, and adapt to the needs of your band. If this sounds like the kind of recording studio you and your band need, check them out. You can find them in Kingswinford, DY9 0NL.

Studio 57

At only £30 for six hours of rehearsal and other low prices, Bullet Studios are competitively priced, and the best option if you're looking to jam or record on a budget. With a 1,000 square foot live room, and a 600 square foot jam room there's ample space for you to rock out and get comfortable. The guys at Bullet Studios have plenty of experience with all kinds of acts, from RnB to Hip Hop to rock, from local teenagers recording a demo to award-winning international bands. They are also involved with the local scene and will be more than happy to have a chat about local venues, where to play, who to look out for and so on. If Bullet Studios sounds like what you're looking for, drop by. You can find them at 6a Bloomsbury Street, WV2 4BS.

Mad Hat Studios is another great local recording studio that is well worth checking out. Despite a bumpy last few months that studio has survived and continues to produce fantastic sounding demos and tracks for bands all around the area. Located at The Upper Hattons, Pendeford Hall Lane, Coven, WV9 5BD, the studio is run by Mark Stuart & Sheena Sear who have over 30 years recording experience between them. Well worth checking out.

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